Current Bing enrollment information
  • There are no in-person parent or educator tours at this time. Our Facebook and YouTube pages, along with this website, are the best resources to find out about Bing. Separate virtual tours are not available at this time.
  • Summer 2021 classes are now full for all ages. Class sizes are slowly increasing as state restrictions are lifting. Class sizes will continue to increase in Academic Year 2021-22 and children can now attend other programs, allowing TTh and MWF placements again in the Nursery classrooms.
  • Academic year 2021-22 dates have been set as September 7, 2021 to June 9, 2022. Class sizes have not yet been determined and are dependent on Community Care Licensing updates.
  • You can email for information not listed on our website.
The mission of the Bing Nursery School is to promote understanding of child development and improve the lives of young children. The school works toward this mission in four ways: providing children and families with an exemplary program of play-based, child-centered education; providing a laboratory setting for research in child development; teaching undergraduate students through seminars, observations, and hands-on experiences in the classroom; and engaging parents and educators to promote best practice in early childhood education.

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