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CD: Live At Bing 2006

This is the second Bing Music CD, produced by Beth Wise, bringing together songs from all around the world with the voices of the Bing Nursery School community.

You can acquire a copy of any Bing music CD from Bing Nursery School office for $15.00.

Song List

1. Choo Choo Train
Lead Vocals: Deborah Gruenfeld, Beth Wise, Neely Zangenehzad

2. There's A Dinosaur Knocking At My Door
Written by Linda Arnold
Lead Vocals: Matt Linden

3. Shoo Fly
Lead Vocals: Betsy Koning

4. The Helping Song
Written and Lead Vocals by: Carla Rayacich

5. Little Bunny Foo Foo
Lead Vocals: Emma O'Hanlon

6. Che Che Koolay (African Chant)
Lead Vocals: Meghan Olsen

7. You're A Baby Now
Written and Lead Vocals by: Seyon Verdtzabella

8. Ikot, Ikot, Ikot (Tagalog Children's Song)
Lead Vocals: Rinna Sanchez-Baluyut and Beth Wise

9. My Pigeon House
Lead Vocals: Nancy Howe

10. This Little Light Of Mine
Lead Vocals: Avery Lythcott-Haims, Julie Lythcott-Haims and Beth Wise

11. Mi Cuerpo (Spanish Children's Song)
Written by Gil Raldiris
Lead Vocals by: Nancy Verdzabella

12. Five Little Ducks
Lead Vocals: Kitti Pecka

13. Listen For Bells
Lead Vocals: Georgia Zambelli

14. Ten Little Boys and Girls
Lead Vocals: Christina Davis

15. Way Up In The Sky
Lead Vocals: Peckie Peters

16. Here Comes Uncle Jessie
Lead Vocals: Karen Robinette

17. Lakathi Ki Kathi (Hindi Children's Song)
Lead Vocals: Nandini Bhattacharjya

18. Tuki ( Japanese Children's Song)
Lead Vocals: Sonoko Aoki

19. Excerpt from Ludao Xiaoyequ (Taiwanese Ballad)
Performed by Minna Chen

20. Mr. Sun
Lead Vocals: Beth Wise and Neely Zangenehzadeh

21. Excerpt from Du Gaideliai (Lithuanian Children's Song)
Lead Vocals: Inga Gous, Svetlana Stanislavskaya, Renata and Gabija Turauskas

22. The Seed
Written and Lead Vocals by: Michelle Forrest

23. Have You Heard About…
Written by Seyon Verdtzabella
Lead Vocals: Seyon Verdtzabella and Beth Wise

24. Ram, Sam, Sam
Lead Vocals: Parul Chandra

25. Put The Baby In The Bed
Lead Vocals: Nancy Verdtzabella

26. Bing, Bang, Banjo
Performed by Matt Linden and Beth Wise

27. Goodbye Children
Lead Vocals: Avery Lythcott-Haims, Julie Lythcott-Haims and Beth Wise

28. Xiao Sing Sing (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Chinese version)
Lead Vocals: Nicole Chen

29. All The Pretty Little Horses
Lead Vocals: Malin Walrod

Produced by Beth Wise
Recorded and Mixed by Lars Hidde
Assistant Recording Engineer: Heidi Verlaine
Design and photography: Chia-wa Yeh
CD cover designed by Nicole Chen
CD imprint designed by Jefferson Hampton
A Special Thank you to all the Bing School children for their voices, enthusiasm and spirit.
Thank you to the Winston and Phyllis Chen family for their generous sponsorship of the Live at Bing 2006 CD.
All proceeds go directly to the Bing School Scholarship Fund.
Guitar: Beth Wise
Violin: Michelle Forrest
Banjo: Matt Linden
Flute: Minjae Bae
Tabla: Anoop Bhattacharjya
Guitar on The Helping Song: Carla Rayacich
Violin on Du Gaideliai and Excerpt from Green Island Serenade: Minna Chen
Recorded Live at Bing Nursery School, Stanford, CA
Mixed and Mastered at Rivery Sound Studios, Los Gatos, CA