Research at Bing

Many influential research studies in child development known around the world have been conducted at Bing. 

In addition to Stanford professors, at least 10 graduate students and about 50 research assistants, primarily in psychology and linguistics, but also in education and communication, lead studies at the school today. For them, Bing is a living laboratory, offering a large, diverse, and readily available pool of participants. The research that takes place at Bing would be impossible almost anywhere else, especially given the decline of laboratory nursery schools in the United States over the last two decades.

Research studies conducted at Bing over the past decades are now staples in textbooks of psychology, education, and linguistics. Some have influenced public policy for children in America. Research for many doctoral dissertations has been conducted at Bing, under the supervision of Stanford faculty members. Most of the research takes place in the "game rooms," located off the atrium. Some research also takes place in the four classrooms.

Some of the most important research carried out at Bing include studies by: