Educator Seminar: "Examining Your Image of the Child: Connecting beliefs, principles, and practices"

Hosted virtually on Zoom.
Admission Information

Registration is required and will open on Friday, October 29th at 9AM via Eventbrite. Link HERE

Cost: $25; Limited to 100 participants. Open to Early Childhood Educators.

This event will be hosted via Zoom. A link will be made available to attendees in the days before the event. For confidentiality reasons, there will not be a recording of the session made available after the event. Please plan on attending live. Refunds available for extraneous circumstances only (Please contact bingschool [at] to inquire). No refunds will be granted for missed event. Certificate of attendance and handout provided with session. 

Examining Your Image of the Child: Connecting Beliefs, Principles, and Practices

How educators teach is rooted in their beliefs about children. The choices teachers make about activities to offer, how to support children, and how to respond to them are all influenced by this image. Bing Nursery School’s Founding Director, Edith Dowley embraced beliefs about children that inspired a positive, capable image of the child. Her vision shaped how the school approaches early education in the nursery school setting. In this seminar, participants will examine their own image of the child. We will examine how a positive lens impacts our interactions with children and furthers our understanding of the children in our care. 

Hosted by Adrienne Lomangino, Sadie Parrinello and Emma Vallarino.