Bing Nursery School Distinguished Lecture


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Curious, Cooperative, and Communicative: 
How We Learn from Others and Help Others Learn
Featuring Professor Hyowon Gweon, Department of Psychology, Stanford University

Humans are not the only species that learns from others, but only humans learn and communicate in rich, diverse social contexts. What makes human social learning so distinctive, powerful, and smart?  

In this talk, Stanford Professor Hyowon Gweon will present a series of studies—many of which were conducted at Bing Nursery School—that reveal the remarkably curious minds of young children, not just about the physical world but also about the social world and even about themselves (i.e., the inner world). The results collectively paint a picture of young children as active social learners who voraciously (yet intelligently) gather information to learn about the world and generously share what they know to help others learn.

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Hyowon Gweon, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University. She has been named as a Richard E. Guggenhime Faculty Scholar (2020) and a David Huntington Dean’s Faculty Scholar (2019), and currently serves as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Psychology and the Symbolic Systems Program. Professor Gweon received her PhD in Cognitive Science (2012) from MIT, where she continued as a postdoc before joining Stanford in 2014. Awards and honors include: CDS Steve Reznick Early Career Award (2022), APS Janet Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions (2020), Jacobs Early Career Fellowship (2020), James S. McDonnell Scholar Award for Human Cognition (2018), APA Dissertation Award (2014), Marr Prize (best student paper, Cognitive Science Society 2010).