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Music at Bing

Aeolus String Quartet

Aeolus String Quartet performs for Bing children

At Bing, we have daily experiences with music through songs at story time, dancing and singing at music time, and songs that originate from children’s play.  

Each year we support a variety of musical opportunities, from parents bringing their instruments to school for group time to visiting professional musicians and concerts especially designed for young audiences. 

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Performance Series

Since 2013, Binhas offered two performances annually, featuring a wide variety of musicaand cultural experiences for children and their families, including events at DinkelspieAuditorium and the Bing Concert Hall. These early experiences open children’s minds, expand their knowledge of different cultures through music and dance and set the stage for a lifelong appreciation of the arts. Each year, Bing also introduces children to music and the arts through in-school concerts and performances.

Music CDs

Producing music CDs at Bing Nursery School brought together the talents and joy for music throughout our school community and has offered us a wonderful journey where children, parents and teachers can continue to share the songs they have grown to know and love wherever we may go.

You can acquire a copy of any Bing music CD from Bing Nursery School office for $15.00. 

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