Harvest Moon Auction

A New Hope harvest moon auction poster

Bing Nursery School's 32nd Annual Harvest Moon Auction

Virtual Auction on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 8pm Facebook Live

Please note you will need a Facebook account to bid/comment.


Bing's Online Auction through Biddingforgood will be open March 1-14th.

Go to biddingforgood.com/bing


All proceeds benefit the Bing Nursery School Scholarship Fund.

Make a gift directly to the Scholarship Fund


About Our Auction

Bing Nursery School was founded in 1966 and is recognized around the world for excellence in early childhood education. Each year Bing Nursery School holds its annual silent and live auction, benefiting the Bing Nursery School Scholarship Fund. We award approximately $300,000 in scholarships every year to more than 20% of our children. Bing is one of the few nursery schools in the area, and indeed, in the country to fund such a substantial financial aid program, thus assuring that children who are enrolled have the financial support to attend Bing.

Now more than ever, we need to provide a quality early childhood program for our community, especially our frontline and essential workers. Early childhood education has been identified as one of the best investments a community can make. A high-quality preschool program, as research has shown, increases children's educational achievement, social and community engagement and overall well-being, which leads to a more productive and healthier life well into adulthood.

Bing will hold its 32nd Annual Harvest Moon Auction "A New Hope" virtually on Saturday, March 13, 2021 (as well as an Online Auction prior) benefiting the Bing Scholarship Fund. Your support is especially meaningful and needed in these challenging times. Your donation(s) and/or sponsorship will be featured in our catalog, online and/or live auction, and your business's name and address will be added to an online map showcasing businesses who have donated and sponsored our auction. The auction map will be shared with our Bing community, which is made up of thousands of Bing supporters – current, alumni and prospective Bing families, as well as local founders and businesses who support outreach and early childhood education. Thank you for your support.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors: Helen and Peter Bing, Peter and Gabriela Hébert, Peter and Charlotte Deng, Robyn and David Reiss, Christine and Albert Hsu, Bartleby St. Clair and Juan Rajlin, Iro Jun's Family, C. Krishna Gidwani, Helen Maner, Shara and Robert Watkins, Elise and Chad Hurley, Pingrong Yu, My Money Karma, Tonies.com.

Please support the businesses who have donated and supported the Bing Harvest Moon Auction this year. See the Harvest Moon Donor Map for locations.

If you would like more information about the auction, please email us at harvestmoon@stanford.edu.