Parent Seminar: "Can We Talk About It? How parents can model conversations about race for an anti-racist future"

Online via Zoom (Registration link in the Bing Bulletin)
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Open to the currently enrolled families and caregivers of the Bing Nursery School community only.


Talking about race and racism is an important starting point for building an anti-racist society. Yet, avoiding race and ethnicity remains the prevailing norm in many spaces. How can we raise kids who feel valued in their racial-ethnic identity, celebrate diversity, and do not turn away from injustice? This talk will present research underscoring how parents’ relationships with other adults can send important signals to their children about whether race and ethnicity are okay to “notice” and talk about. I will share research-informed strategies for cultivating relationships with friends, colleagues, and family members in which openly discussing race and ethnicity is normal.

Hosted by Kiara Sanchez, PhD.

Kiara Sanchez is a PhD student in Psychology at Stanford. She is a Graduate Dissertation Fellow at the Stanford Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE), as well as the Stanford Institute for Research in Social Sciences (IRiSS). Kiara’s research focuses on understanding and improving communication about race in interpersonal, educational, and online settings. Her dissertation focuses on how cross-race friends talk about their race-related experiences and how these conversations can impact closeness, authenticity, and learning. This summer, she will join Dartmouth College as a Mellon Faculty Fellow.