Educator Seminar: “Valuing and Supporting Children’s Risky Play”

Hosted online via Zoom.
Admission Information

Registration opens Friday, June 4, 2021 at 9AM. Registration available through Eventbrite HERE.

Open to Early Childhood Educators. Limited to 100 attendees.

This is session THREE of the 2021 Educator Summer Series.

We know that young children's play can feel challenging, even when it is productive, creative, and filled with learning. In this upcoming seminar, we will reflect upon the discomfort adults sometimes feel with children's play, be it with physical risk, sensitive themes, or emotional responses. At the same time, we will uncover the inherent value that children find in such behaviors, such as making sense of their environment, connecting with peers, or grappling with difficult concepts. Through a core understanding that children make meaning and build relationships in this activity, participants will develop an open stance to observe, respect, and respond appropriately to play that they may find challenging. We will also discuss concrete tools to support children's play and strategies for communicating its value to colleagues and parents. Hosted by Bing Head Teacher Todd Erickson and Former Bing Head Teacher Colin Johnson.

This event will be hosted via Zoom. A link will be made available to attendees in the days before the event. For confidentiality reasons, there will not be a recording of the sessions made available after the seminar. Please plan on attending live. Refunds available until Friday, July 9th at 5pm. Certificate of attendance provided with session. 

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