Educator Seminar: "Gardening With Children: Making Learning Visible"

Online via Zoom.
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This event will be hosted via Zoom. A link will be made available to attendees in the days before the event. For confidentiality reasons, there will not be a recording of the session made available after the event. Please plan on attending live at 7:00pm PST. Refunds offered for extenuating circumstances only and must be requested in advance. Please contact bingschool [at] to inquire. No refunds will be granted for missed event. Certificate of attendance and handout provided with session.

Space is limited to 100 participants. Open to Early Childhood Educators.

Email bingschool [at] for more information.

Hosted by Bing Educators Nancy Verdtzabella, Andrea Alexander, Lara Cardamone, Marisa Chin-Calubaquib, Anna Christiansen, and Chuyi Yang

Children are naturally drawn to outdoor spaces and are keen observers of the world around them. This session will highlight the opportunities that gardening provides for building observational skills and awareness of natural processes. Gardening is rife with possibilities for building children’s cognitive, physical, and emotional selves, as they ask questions, theorize, notice, dig, and wait, while experiencing anticipation, accomplishment (and perhaps disappointment), and wonder. Children’s early experiences in the natural world with adults who are important to them forms an environmental foundation. As Louise Chalwa (2006) highlights, “childhood experiences in nature through their own free play and in the company of significant adults, ...carry the memory that the natural world is a place of such full and positive meaning that it justifies their most persistent efforts to protect it.