Educator Seminar: "Supporting Teacher Well-Being & Caregiver Relationships to Buffer Toxic Stress"

Bing Nursery School
850 Escondido Rd.
Stanford, CA 94305
Compelling research suggests that “toxic stress” can affect children’s brain development, learning, behavior, and lifelong health outcomes. This workshop deepens early care and education practitioners’ understanding of toxic stress and how they can lessen its effects through sensitive, responsive caregiving relationships. In addition, caregivers’ own experiences of stress can affect the quality of caregiver–child relationships. This workshop offers practical strategies for ECE professionals to improve their own emotional well-being, focusing on stress management, self-care, and burnout prevention. These skills provide a strong foundation on which to build supportive, responsive relationships with children.
Presented by Kelly Etter, Ph.D. and Darryl Etter, Psy.D.