Educator Seminar: "Examining Children's Peer Cultures Within Sociodramatic Play"

Sat, Nov 23 2019, 9 - 11:30am
West Room
Bing Nursery School
850 Escondido Road
Stanford, CA 94305
We often muse that children at play are in their own little worlds. Research has shown time and again that this is, in fact true. Young children engaging in sociodramatic play enter into a complex system of roles, themes, interactions and negotiations. Through sociodramatic play, groups of children actually create their own unique communities and cultures. These communities and cultures belong to the children who create them with adults on the periphery. Our role as the adults is to appreciate and seek understanding of these complex worlds and in doing so, support these play communities and the children in them. Join us for an examination of the worlds that children create by themselves, and for themselves, the skills children are gaining through this type of play, and the teacher’s role in supporting this play.