Coffee Talk: "How to Reduce Dinnertime Stress and End Mealtime Battles with Your Children"

Tower House
860 Escondido Rd.
Stanford, CA 94305

Hosted by Michelle Greenebaum, author of Together in the Kitchen. For more information about Michelle and her work supporting "healthy for busy families" visit her website

It's 6pm. Time to decide what’s for dinner, and stress out about whether your child will eat it.
    Need more easy, healthy, and family friendly dinner recipes?
    Wonder if your preschooler's picky eating will ever improve?
    Curious if it’s possible to skip the picky eating phase altogether?
    Wish your children ate a wider variety of vegetables and not even sure where to begin?
Come join Michelle to learn about a variety of ways to reduce dinnertime stress for you and your family. She will discuss strategies for picky eaters, how to establish healthy eating habits at any age, and ideas for raising children who are open to exploring new foods. Bring your questions!