Coffee Talk: "Growing Adventurous Eaters: How to get more plants on the plate and in the belly"

Online via Zoom (link in Bing Bulletin)
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Open to the currently enrolled families and caregivers of the Bing Nursery School community only.

Early childhood is a time of learning, growing, and setting the foundation for lifelong behaviors. Not only is proper nutrition at this stage essential for physical and cognitive growth, behaviors and preferences established during this period shape future eating patterns. Simply put, we want to get our kids eating and enjoying a wide array of nutrient-dense foods right from the start to set them up for success. But what happens if your kid won't touch a carrot? If dinner is frequently rejected, or worse, tossed on the floor? The answer actually isn't all that intuitive. Rather than pressure our kids to eat nutritious foods, it's our job to simply guide them in the right direction. In this presentation, dietitian, and mom Whitney English Tabaie MS RDN will discuss basic nutrition for growing bodies, tips for meal planning and getting more plants on the plate, and strategies for supporting adventurous eating with a positive, pressure-free approach.

Hosted by Bing Parent Whitney English Tabaie MS, RDN