Professor Eve Clark

Richard W. Lyman Professor of Humanities
Department of Linguistics

Research Summary

Professor Eve Clark is interested in first language acquisition, the acquisition of meaning, acquisitional principles in word-formation compared across children and languages, and general semantic and pragmatic issues in the lexicon and in language use.

Select Publications

Arnon, I., & Clark, E. V. (2011). Why brush your teeth is better than teeth: Children’s word production is facilitated in familiar sentence-frames. Language Learning & Development, 7, 107-129.

Clark, E. V. (2010). Adult offer, word-class, and child uptake in early lexical acquisition. First Language, 30 (3-4), 250-269.

Clark, Eve V. (2009) First Language Acquisition (2nd edition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Clark, E. V. (2004) How language acquisition builds on cognitive development. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 8, 472-478. pdf

Clark, E. V., & Grossman, J. G. (1998) Pragmatic directions and children’s word learning. Journal of Child Language, 25, 1-18. pdf

Clark, E. V., & Nikitina, T. (2009) One vs. more than one: Antecedents to plurality in early language acquisition. Linguistics, 47, 103-139. pdf

Clark, E. V., & Svaib, T. A. (1997) Speaker perspective and reference in young children. First Language, 17, 57-74. pdf

Estigarribia, B., & Clark, E. V. (2007) Getting and maintaining attention in talk to young children. Journal of Child Language, 34, 799-814. pdf